Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Coming Out Important for Marriage Green Card?

It has been interesting to learn how Immigration Officers discuss the topic of "coming out" when conducting the marriage green card interviews for same sex married couples applying for a marriage green card.

Some of the Immigration Officers ask whether spouses have come out with their families and coworkers, and some don't.  From my observations, it seems to depend upon whether the couple appears to be isolated or not.  

For example, the following factors might lead an Immigration Officer to think that a gay or lesbian couple has not told anyone about their marriage:

  • There are very few photos submitted at the marriage green card interview that show family, friends, neighbors or co-workers with the couple;
  • If there are photos on  Facebook with friends, neighbors or co-workers, they are all formal group photos, or were some more casual;
  • There were no witnesses at the marriage ceremony;
  • One or both spouse has not met the others' family; and/or
  • Facebook and other social media pages do not indicate "married."
One lesbian marriage couple that I represented this year at their marriage green card interview were both of Mexican descent, and both very active in the Catholic Church (both in Mexico and America).  

In fact that is how they met - at church. The partner that was requesting a marriage green card had a college degree in religious studies and was seriously considering becoming a nun earlier in her life.  

But, she found love and got married and changed her mind.  Imagine the Immigration Officer's surprise when he (he was Filipino/American) discovered that the only person who knew about their marriage was their Priest! They had not come out to anyone else. 

Their case was approved. 

Danielle Nelisse, Immigration Attorney
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